Case #: 2012-01573


I’d rather not say how I got my hands on this report, but this is a brief summary of its entire contents: 

When the police had found him, he was splayed out on his couch, a line of ants swarming around the spilled bowl of popcorn on his belly. The ants were slowly working their way from the dwindling food to his putrid flesh, picking deep. The photographer snapped photos all around the room, taking careful documentation of his twisted, unrecognizable face and the long, trailing tendrils that had once been his fingers.

It was these two things that had the medical examiners so confused. His fingers were each approximately seven feet in length, boneless and entirely seamless. And his face, a gnarled mess of skin and teeth and hair, which was entirely free of incisions or lesions of any kind. In fact, the cause of death had been impossible to determine. Despite his strange defects—they were careful to avoid the word “mutilations” because that implied some sort of deliberate, outside force—he had been a perfectly healthy twenty-five year old man.

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